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We are offering for US $159.00 a sponsorship filing. If sponsorship is rejected, you will not be charged.
>> You will need to pay for the Series 7 exam seperately and only after you are successfully sponsored.<<
You are requesting sponsorship from a FINRA firm. You will be contacted immediately for consideration. Upon consideration, if you are rejected or you no longer wish to proceed, your payment will be refunded.
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The Series 7 securities license is administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
It permits the General Securities Representative  to receive commissions on trades
Sponsorship is required for the Series 7 exam and is offered through a FINRA member firm
You probably already know about the Catch-22 inherent in getting a Series 7 license.
To get a job in financial securities, you need a Series 7, but to get a Series 7, you need a job in financial securities.